Always go for the Free Estimate!

So the wife and I are looking to get some new carpeting in the bedrooms. Frankly, we have hardwood everywhere else but there is something about the feel of carpet and the warmth it gives a room.

So today a I want to go over the value I see in shopping around for a great deal.  There are a bunch of ways to save money. One way being the DIY approach. Now for some, this is great and will save tons. But for others, less mechanically inclined, like myself, this is too much to tackle and can be a waste of money in the long run. So I recommend shopping the market.  We found a free estimate with awesome phone service at this bucks county carpet service center.  If your interested click here to go to there site.   Free estimate you say! Damn skippy!

PowerTec Home Gym…Great System!

PowerTec Home Gym

Hey Guys/Gals!  While I’m waiting for the No no Hair removal product to arrive, I figured I would talk about my other purchase from a year ago. It’s the PowerTec home gym!

I know this isn’t super techy, but it is a great deal nonetheless. I used to be big into weight lifting years ago. I had since cut back because of work and being strapped for time…Like most of us are. I wanted something that was all around useful and would provide a multitude of workout capability.

No… No…No More Hair!

So my wife went and payed for the laser hair removal treatment. She is getting her armpits and her, well, her womanly area’s. She found a living social coupon for 3 treatments at $129. Sounds great as the treatments could cost upwards of $300/ session and sometimes 6 sessions are needed.

Well, her treatments are going pun intended. She states it’s not that painful and it seems 3 treatments is all she will need. She says her hairs appear to be falling out like she was informed they would. I like this idea of not having to shave anymore. I mean, I don’t mind shaving my face but my arms, chest, and back!

So I called about the coupon and no surprise, they will not accept the coupon for backs and chest. That could cost $300 per session and at least 6 sessions. Well, I’m not about to spend a small fortune on this crap. Hmmm…

What about the No No hair removal system. I may try this. I have read reviews and it seems to work. I mean even if my hair grows back but at a slower clip, that will be great!

My next purchase with be the No No hair removal system and I will take a video and display it for you to judge. I let you know how it stacks up to the laser system. I mean it’s obviously not the same but maybe it’s enough for us paupers.

Stay tuned

Think and Grow Rich!

think and grow richYup! I am reading this book because I want to be great and wealthy.  I can think-therefore-I can be rich. Well…it’s not quite that simple.

All joking aside, this is a great book and one I will probably read more than once for the overall inspiration. See wealth to me means something different than what it means to most Americans.  Wealth to me is pure freedom. I find wealth not having a mortgage payment, not having a school loan to pay or a nagging Credit card. In that, I am wealthy because I keep all my money without having to spend it on crap.

Hey All!

Welcome to my world of advice on e-stores and affiliate buys!

I will try to update you on what deals on happening online or at least what I see interest in. Who wants to miss a good deal? ( Not this guy). The point is to visit my blog and see what other have found along with what I found to be good buys. I also want to give tips and advice on some things I find appealing.

Let me into your world and I will show you the best of my world. The things that make me enjoy looking down at my phone throughout the day.

You can stop by and visit from time to time and give me feed back to upload for others. Find a good deal? let us all know.