Tree Service in Pottstown after the Storm

Pottstown Tree Service

pottstown tree serviceWhile away over the last week,  we had a storm back home and the neighbor called me to tell me the tree in the front yard came down. He said it is blocking the driveway but otherwise no major damages. He states that he will call around for me and get someone out. I asked if he could please do that and get me price quotes.


He called around to a bunch of different companies and we settled on Pottstown Tree Service.  They were affordable and offered great customer service when I called to speak directly to the owner.  The fact that I had gotten to speak to the owner, was phenomenal.  He took the time to go over every option to

Bathroom Renovation and Philadelphia Plumbers!

Philadelphia Plumbers Redo the Bathroom

I was looking to have my bathroom remodeled and never thought to hire a Plumber! I was looking for a carpenter first or contractor. Low and behold I found this company that does it all. They are Philadelphia plumbers and they do Bathroom Remodeling. They go by 2 names on the web Bucks county Plumbers and McClain Bros. Plumbing.  They are a full service company with over 20+ years in the Biz.

You get what you pay for

Bad News Brings Good News

As strange as the heading is, Bad news is usually followed with some good news. Sometimes it hard to see but it’s there. So I have been waiting for the No NO hair removal device and it has not arrived. I called and the company apologized as they wrote the wrong address down and shipped it to elsewhere. So I was a bit angry but what can I do?

So I hopped online to see about getting something else in the meantime for review for you guys. I see a crazy discount price on Craigslist for a limousine service. $200 for 4 hours. What? If anyone knows about the limo biz or costs, this is dirt cheap and practically a give away.  So…I call the add number?company at Reading limousine Service in Reading Pa and speak to the owner.

Always go for the Free Estimate!

So the wife and I are looking to get some new carpeting in the bedrooms. Frankly, we have hardwood everywhere else but there is something about the feel of carpet and the warmth it gives a room.

So today a I want to go over the value I see in shopping around for a great deal.  There are a bunch of ways to save money. One way being the DIY approach. Now for some, this is great and will save tons. But for others, less mechanically inclined, like myself, this is too much to tackle and can be a waste of money in the long run. So I recommend shopping the market.  We found a free estimate with awesome phone service at this bucks county carpet service center.  If your interested click here to go to there site.   Free estimate you say! Damn skippy!

Millionaire fast lane……..!

The Millionaire Fast lane….Vroom!

I am reading the Millionaire Fast last and this book is pretty inspiring. The point for me is to read inspiring books so I don’t give up on my real goals in life. I want to be my own boss and that why I read ( Thinks and Grow Rich, The millionaires fast lane etc…). I have found it keeps me moving forward when things seem bleak.

The Fast lane, for short, (I get tired of writing Millionaire all the, tells how we are all either side walkers in the slow lane of life or in the fast lane of life. The side walkers are most of us who listened to our parents, went to college got great jobs and save our asses off! The fast lane people are the ones who leverage there time wisely. They are the ones who take a lot of time and spend on doing something that will continue to pay them even when the time spent is over. That’s who I want to be. The problem with that is that none of us think that way nor are we willing to spend the time. I am starting to put the time in now and it’s not easy. I think I want to quit at times and just go outside , especially this time of year. But after reading these books, I know someone is putting in the time and I’d rather it be me.

I am starting my own company as we speak and its tough. It’s not easy. The hardest part is being the salesperson. I am not big on selling anyone. I have to improve at this so I can make money.  My friend own a plumbing company you can check out here. He says it’s not hard to sell you just have to be willing to ask. I say his business is easier as people call him and he pitches the job. Since I am new, I am usually the one calling everyone else at this point and trying to pitch myself. It’s not hard I think once a person gets traction, i think getting traction and having clients helps the sell.


Anyway, I will keep you informed of how I progress…thanks for stopping by!

How to get free Adwords Ads!

How to get free advertising!

Did you know that Google gives away free money to advertising? I bet you didn’t even realize this. I found out and have been using their money since. You get the money in the form of a coupon with a special code attached to it.

They come in $75 and $100 increments typically, or at least that’s what I have found. This is a great way to test the waters.

This is what I do. So…Before I start a campaign for anything, I get one of these coupons and test the waters. I never jump into a niche without testing it first. I test to make certain there is traffic, need and desire for what I am selling. There free coupons are awesome. I recommend you get into the habit of doing this for any venture you want to start.

Where do you get them

You can find them in a lot of advertising when you purchase certain things online. Google seem to reward you for a purchase. Well, they give them to companies to give away as a reward for your purchase. So you find them in various locations. Now…if you can’t seem to find a coupon anywhere…sometimes you can give them a call and request one. I have never tried this but I have heard it works. I usually find them by googling it. Lol

The catch

You can only use one per campaign or user name. You have to use them under different accounts. This is the tricky part but worth the effort. Other than that…they are a great tool to test the waters and see who is looking for your products.